Summer Pool Party

27 Jun

 How did your first official first week of summer treat ya?  My week was fantastic!  Had a girls night out, went yard sale’n & shopping with the hubby, spent time poolside with the kiddos and the icing on it all… I got to help with two parties!!  It was a busy weekend filled with all kinds of crafting and cooking goodies!   I am very excited to share with you everything that I have been working on.  

My teenage beauty helped her BFF host a pool party to kick off the summer and asked if I could “donate” to the cause.  All she has to say is party and she knows that I’m in.  My mind starting going crazy with all kinds of ideas, but I had promised to keep it simple.   And really, a bunch of teenagers running around in their swimsuits really don’t care how I decorate the cupcakes do they??  Nah, they just want lots of snacks and to be left alone.  Here are a few pictures that I was able to snip  for you before I got kicked out…

For the decorations the girls placed tiki torches around the pool and hung up paper lanterns.  We love paper lanterns, they are pretty much at every party that we have.  They busted out all the rafts, beach balls and floating toys that they could find.  The table was covered with a pink polka dot table-cloth and some of the serving dishes were  embellished  with flip-flop patterned ribbon.  The girls bought the long pink cups themselves and embellished them with gems, ribbon and other things… or as Taylor called it, “Be Dazzled!” They turned out really cute, she so creative!

We served an assortment of chips served in beach buckets, blue jello (with Swedish fish inside), Nutter Butter flip clip cookies, goldfish crackers served in paper cones made from cardstock and cupcakes.  The cupcakes were iced blue and then coated with crushed graham crackers to resemble sand.  I topped them off with a little umbrella.  For drinks we had sodas, lemonade and water bottles covered with blue  flower pattered duck tape.  

I wanted to do more, I could do more… it was killing me NOT to do more… but teenagers don’t dig cutesy so there was only so much I could get away with.   :) 

Hope you’re enjoying your summer too! 

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One Response to “Summer Pool Party”

  1. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe July 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    super fun and just the right amount of “cutesy”:)

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