Father’s Day Crab Feast

13 Jun

Last year we had both of our dads over for a Father’s Day Maryland Style Crab Feast.  My brother-in-law goes crabbing and always gets the best, biggest, tastiest Maryland Blue Crabs.  I went ahead with the crab theme for the party and chose red, white and blue for my color palate.

The table was covered with a red plaid table-cloth and a fishing net was draped over top as an overlay.  I placed boxes underneath the table-cloth to create different heights.   The crab theme was carried out here as well with a crab wine bottle holder on the table as well as crab mallets in mason jars with red polka-dotted ribbon.  Some red, white and blue pinwheels and starfish were scattered around the table.  Doesn’t look like I have a good picture of it, but for my centerpiece I cut blue hydrangea from my brother in law’s house, they were so full and gorgeous!  Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers!

The father’s day banner I made was cute and pretty simple to make.  I used red, white and blue construction paper, ribbon, glue stick, hole punch and scissors.  First I printed off “Happy Father’s Day” and a couple of crab images.  Cut out, glue to poster board, cut out, punch hole in top, thread ribbon through and hung.  

Your guest of honor will love his personalized banner! Who wouldn’t?

I kept the outdoor decorations pretty simple.  Blue plastic table cloths as a base layer and red polka-dotted wrapping paper was ran across the top.  Gotta love the Target dollar section!  The wrapping paper made for easy clean up with the crabs, so not only was it super cute, but functional!  When hubby saw it he told me it was too fancy, and over the top. Really? Some $1 wrapping paper?  Such a simple man, he is so easy to please and impress, I love it! :)   Blue plastic buckets and mason jars with crab mallets were placed on the tables for the guests as well as patriotic citronella candles, to keep those pesky bugs away.  And to top the look off… what’s a party without paper lanterns?!?! Not a good one, so I hung a couple of red and blue ones for fun.

 I served punch, tea and root beer. I got this cute printable from www.Nothingbutcountry.com for the Root Beer. It says “You are an AWesome Dad” but looks like the logo for A&W Rootbeer. Very cute.

I also got this idea for the fish cupcakes from www.nothingbutcountry.com as well.  I just love their site, it is full of all sorts of cute crafty ideas. 

First you will need to prep, bake and cool your cupcakes per the recipe.  As  you are doing this step, you can prep your little fishing poles.  For this you will need wooden sticks (I used skewer sticks cut in half), string, a needle, fish gummies and a little bit of glue.  First wrap the string around your skewer, you cane hold it in place with a little dab of glue.  With the other end of your string, thread a needed though it and then thread that through your fish’s mouth.   I found that if you use a really big needle then it will go through the gummy easier than a regular sized needle.  Tie a little tie and place down carefully so it doesn’t get all tied up in a mess.  That happened to me with a few and I had to do them over. 

When you have all of your poles prepped and your cupcakes are finished cooling, then you are ready to frost them.   Just add a few drops of blue food coloring to your frosting and pipe onto the cupcakes.

Insert your fishing pole in your cupcake and your done, a sweet treat for your favorite fisherman.

We had a great time celebrating Father’s Day with our Crab Feast…  succulent crabs, great weather, fantastic company and cold beer…. an awesome day to celebrate a couple of awesome dads!

Happy Father’s Day!

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