Embellished Flower Pots

23 May

I always associate Mother’s Day with flowers.  I am pretty sure that every year I give my mom flowers or a plant of some sort.  This year was no different!  I embellished regular terra-cotta pots with paint, pictures, stickers and gems and ended up with snazzy pots for my sisters and mom!

First, I painted the pots with a base layer of white, to help the teal paint go on smooth. 

While I waited for the paint to dry, I cut out pictures and glued them onto card stock with spray adhesive. 

 Then, I busted out the mod podge!  I swear when I get started with that stuff I go crazy and try to mod podge everything.  First I put on a white doily and then the pictures.  The pictures were  tacky glued and mod podged onto the pots.

 When everything was dry and secure, I embellished the pots more with stickers, gems and ribbon.

I filled my mother’s pot with a Bleeding Heart plant.  I just love those and their pretty heart-shaped flowers.

For my sisters I gave them each a Lilly.  So fragrant and bright!

The embellished flower pots turned out really cute, all of the mothers liked seeing their sweeties on their gift.  Now I just need to make myself one!  Hope you had a great mother’s day!


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