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St. Pattys Day Wreath

27 Feb St.Patricks Day Wreat

The days are getting longer and the weather a little warmer, spring is coming! I was a tad dissapointed that we didn’t get a good snowman-building snow this year, but I’m over it and now am ready for the spring blooms and beautiful weather! I have seen so many cute ideas out there in blogland for St.Patrick’s day and decided that this year I would celebrate my Irish side and have some fun with some St.Patty’s day crafts! It was time to dress my door and change from the Valentines Day Wreath. I decided to do a bright, cheery St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

The wreath is wrapped  in lime green satin fabric and overlaped with burlap strips. Various colors of shamrocks  were glued on as well as flowers made of fabric scraps, burlap & felt. 

I made a Lucky banner out of burlap pennants and strung it with lime green polka dot ribbon.

Here the wreath is hanging on my front door, bright cheery and welcoming sign for spring and all the fresh green blooms! 

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Black & Silver Teen Birthday

23 Feb pompoms

 My beautiful step daughter, Taylor turns 17 this year, what a year this has been for her, she has grown up in so many ways with getting her driver’s license and getting her first job.  It has been such a wonderful experience watching her grow into the lovely, graceful young lady that she has become, I am so extremely proud of her and love her with all my heart.  Here she is in her party dress, looking as gorgeous as ever!

In our house it is never really a question on “if” there will be a birthday party, the question is always “what” birthday party do they want! Gone are the days where Taylor would pick a simple theme, one year she had Batman, Strawberry Shortcake, Winter Wonderland, but this year she didn’t give me a theme per say… just key words.  Sparkly, black, silver, cool lights.  She wanted to move the furniture around for a big dance floor, so it sounded to me like we were having a dance party, baby!

The banner was made with black construction paper and silver wrapping paper. Happy Birthday, Taylor!  

We had all the main lights turned off and used a colorful party light, black lights and strobe lights. 

I   cut about 25 pairs of “17” numbers out and hung them from the ceiling and hung them on the walls all over place. I cut two larger sets and hung them from the center of each room and glued mirror tiles on the numbers.  I also made disco balls with mirror tiles, hot glue and styrofoam balls.  The numbers and the mirror tiles looked really cool when it was dark and all the special lights were bouncing off of them!

Black and white streamers were hung all throughout the house as well as black and silver tissue paper  poms.


The food table was decorated with a black table-cloth with a sparkly silver tinsel garland tied around the table.   We had pigs in a blanket, pizza rolls, veggies, cookies, chips, cheese sticks, meatballs and cheese, crackers & pepperoni slices. For her cake I made a sheet cake and cut it out in the shape of a “17”, We decorated it with black and silver icing.  The cake was an epic fail, so there are no pictures of that! It was yummy, but not eye pleasing! :)

We didn’t do any favors for this party, but I did at the last minute set up a quick candy bar for the kids to take home some goodies. 

Taylor had also given me some pictures to use of her, I was running out of room so I used some ribbon and crisscrossed it all over the kitchen doors, then I hung the pictures up with clothespins for display. All her friends liked looking at the pictures and finding themselves.

I also hung up two pieces of white construction paper on the wall and glued her picture in the center. I wrote, “Happy 17th Birthday, Taylor” on the card and left the rest blank for the kids to decorate! I had a basket with different color markers in it for them to use. It turned out to be a wonderful, keepsake for her to remember her birthday party and all the fund she had! She loved her birthday card so much that immediately after the party she went to hang it up in her room, so I didn’t get a pic of the finished product!  

Happy Birthday, Tator Tot! xoxo


NOTE: Gosh, I am so embarrassed by these pictures! They just didn’t do the party justice and don’t even come close to catching the beauty and magic of the party! I am totally getting a new camera pronto!!!











Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party

22 Feb Birthday Cake

I can’t belive my sweet baby girl turned one! My goodness, this first year just flew by so quick and before I knew it I was planning a 1st birthday party. There was no doubt that the party would be Minnie Mouse, Tilly loves watching Mickey’s Clubhouse and loves to dance to the Hot Dog Song!  So Minnie Mouse it was…Hot pink, polka dots, zebra print & cupcake Minnie Mouse!  <squeal> Yay!

I absolutely adore how the Birthday Banner turned out! Happy Birthday Tilly!

Shiny, shear pink fabric was laid overtop of a white table cloth.  Boxes wrapped with zebra wrapping paper were placed under the tablecloth to create height for the serving dishes.   I decorated the table with candle cupcakes, Mickey Mouse serving dishes, flowers and tissue paper poms. 

To create the centerpiece, I spray painted 3 foam balls black and secured them with hot glue & wooden dowels in a hot pink bucket. Flowers & spray pearls were used in the base to hide the foam and hot pink and white polka dot ribbon was wrapped around the dowel and also used to make a bow for Minnie.

Another beautiful and yummy cake from   The cake we chose was a white cake with buttercream frosting.  Cupcakes dressed in zebra wrappers with pink frosting and sprinkles were also served, but this beauty was just for Tilly to eat.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good cake smashing photos because Miss. Priss didn’t like the frosting all over her hands, so she wasn’t really that into eating the cake with all the mess! :)

The favor table held yummy treats for the party guests to take home.  My favorite was the chocolate covered Minnie Oreo pops.  I used regular and mini Oreos to create a mouse head, inserted a stick and dipped in chocolate. The pink bows were created with heart-shaped sprinkles.   We also served cotton candy in black and white polka dot cones. These were super quick to make by folding cardstock into a cone shape and hot gluing it together. So easy and such a cute way to serve treats! :) 

Each little Minnie or Mickey got their own pair of felt mouse ears. This project was created by using dollar store headbands (5 for $1!), cardboard, ribbon and black felt.  First you wrap the felt around the headband.  Cut cardboard circles for your ears & cut felt circles just a tad bigger than your cardboard circles. Glue the felt on the cardboard and then glue around headband. For the girls, tie a cute bow and glue in the middle. They loved it, Tilly tries to put hers (they end up being a sideways hat!) on and gets a kick outta me when I put my Minnie ears on!

To cover the table I used a hot pink and white polka dot table cloth and placed some Mickey Mouse head silhouettes on the table.  There was an extra tissue paper pom that ended up on the table as well as fresh flowers and apocothary jars filled with pink frosted animal crackers and pink wrapped truffles.

For the Birthday’s girl’s high chair, I tied little tissue paper pom poms and Minnie Mouse silhouettes on a ribbon and tied it around the high chair tray.  The backdrop is a piece of white netting with a tulle & ribbon bow holding in the center. A special seat just for the birthday princess!

 The Birthday girl was so busy all night, so this was probably the best picure I was able to get of her rockin’ outfit! The party was a hit, Tilly loved seeing Minnie Mouse all over the place and adored all the hanging streamers and balloons. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl, Tilly! Love you! xoxo


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Valentines Day Wreath

6 Feb valentineswreath2rosettes

When I stumbled upon this wreath on Pinterest, I knew that I had to try and recreate my own version!  I have been loving everything burlap and am always looking for another reason to dress up my door, so this was just perfect!  As it turned out I ended up having all the materials already so the project ended up being quick, easy and free. Gotta love that!  Plus an added bonus was that I was able to finish the whole wreath during Tilly’s morning nap.  Makes you love it more, yes??

First, I untwisted 2 wire hangers and shaped them to form two halves of a heart.  I then cut about 3/4 yard of burlap into 3″ in strips and sewed the material onto the wire hangers.  After adding as much material to the frame as you want, twist together the two halves  to complete the heart. It would look beautiful just like that, with a cute ribbon tied to it.

I can’t get enough of the little rosettes, so it was a must to add some. To make my rosettes, I used lace, pink tulle, pink felt and a white & pink patterned fabric. I made a couple different sizes and hot glued them onto my wreath.  To complete my lovely flowers I secured them with a pearl tipped pin in the center of each bud.  So pretty!!

I just love this wreath, and there are so many variations that you can play around with! The only problem I have with it is that it is so gorgeous that I want it on my front door for the world to see, but I also want to keep it inside where I can enjoy it!


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