Pink & Green Candy Buffet

11 Jan

My sweet tooth usually gets her way, so there was no way that could not do an over the top candy buffet at my wedding! I wanted to stick with the color scheme of hot pink, lime green and silver.  The treasure hunt for the delish goodies was on! I was able to find some great finds with Easter candy (we just ate the blue/yellow pieces!) I ordered some gum balls and rock candy online and the rest was just found at various stores around town.

Searching for the sweets was fun, but searching for the various size and shaped vases, apocothary jars and cake stands was pretty fun too! After I raided my house and my family’s houses I found the rest of the containers at discount stores, yard sales and thrift stores.

The wedding venue had this huge bay window which I used to display the buffet.  First I overlaid about 2-3 yards of hot pink satin fabric. I like the bunched up look, so I wanted to be sure there was plenty of fabric.  I put fresh ferns in pink galvanized buckets on each end of the bar as well as a bouquet of fresh pink roses in the middle of the bar.  Fresh flowers can brighten and give life to any space!

I had silver candy scoops in the candy for handling and used these white Chinese take out box containers for the guests to be able to take their treats to go.  Hot pink polka dot ribbon was glued around the side of the take out box container for decoration and secured with a personalized sticker.  The picture is a little fuzzy, but the sticker is hot pink and green with white polka dots. The sticker says, “Thank you, Lauren & Eric, July 11, 2009″  So cute!

What a fun, beautiful sweet way to thank party guests for attending. Not only is it a stunning decoration, but filled with sweet goodies that everyone is sure to love!!!

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